Restaurant Website Ordering in the UAE


Blink offers a complete platform for your restaurant in the UAE, allowing you to

Manage your entire business

Managing your brick and mortar restaurant, website, and mobile app has never been easier! Do it all with just one platform, tailor made to your requirements. With Blink, you get access to the best management platform for your restaurant in the UAE.

Receive orders online

Let your customers browse your menu through the website or mobile app and order instantly, with easy online payment mechanisms built into Blink’s platform.

Change your menu

Customize your menu at any time and make changes to descriptions, prices, titles, or images in real-time.

Assign & track deliveries

Track the entire delivery chain from ordering to delivery with Blink’s delivery portal

Restaurant Mobile Ordering App in the UAE

Along with a fully customizable & branded website, you also get access to Blink’s mobile app that can be tailored to your brand and offers a feature-packed platform.
  • Available on major Operating Systems such as iOS, Android & Huawei
  • Built with convenience and speed in mind with the latest tech
  • Super easy to integrate with your existing ERP/POS systems

Restaurant Analytics Software in the UAE

Track your restaurant’s performance across all channels and get actionable insights from a single platform. Blink’s extremely user-friendly and super customizable analytics platform allows you to:
  • Visualize Important KPIs: Never miss out on important metrics integral to your business performance. Track & Manage Inventory
  • Track & Manage Inventory: Optimize inventory management with real-time data and stay up-to-date with the latest changes
  • Generate Reports: Customize and generate multiple reports with just a few clicks!

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