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To help restaurants keep their employee turnover rates low, we have highlighted a few tips in this blog post.  

Consider Future-Proofing With A Higher Wage

Restaurant employees tend to stick around longer if their wages are fair, to begin with, and are given yearly or bi-yearly raises. It may seem daunting to continuously spend so much on payroll continuously, but many restaurants have seen a low turnover with highly paid employees.

Restaurant turnover isn’t a minor issue; it can end up costing you a lot if your employees keep on leaving you, and you have to keep on hiring new staff by paying them an even higher wage. 

So paying high wages from the start can end up saving time and money and reduce turnover. 

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

In any work environment, conflicts arise; sometimes, there are disagreements between staff and management, sometimes between the staff. To avoid conflict, restaurant staff end up giving their notice, and there can be a high turnover rate. 

It’s really important to always do check-ins with your employees, have rules set in stone, and nip any issues you see arising in the bud to avoid having disgruntled staff. 

Make sure your restaurant has a positive and harmonious work environment to benefit both the staff and you by saving you from hiring new people. 

Start an Employee Loyalty Program 

A good way to decrease turnover in your restaurant is by recognizing hard working employees. You can reduce the turnover rate at your restaurant by offering rewards to your employees. 

You can start an Employee of the Month program to incentivize your employees to stay and work harder at their jobs. Ask for their input on what they want the rewards to be and set goals for them. 

Your rewards can include money, gift certificates, staycations, or free movie tickets for two. 

Schedule Well

Many times restaurant staff have been known to have issues with not having enough working hours. As a restaurateur, you need to keep in mind your staff size, their needs, and the needs of your restaurant. 

Make employee work schedules after conducting separate interviews so your staff can get the appropriate amount of working hours. 

If need be, then rearrange the schedule to decrease employee turnover.

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