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restaurant app

Restaurateurs might think that mobile apps are overrated or not beneficial for their business. We have listed a few inspiring examples of restaurant apps that might help change their minds. 


International chains like Domino’s Pizza don’t underestimate the power of tech and mobile apps. They understand how important apps are for business growth. 

Their app allows their customers to build their pizzas. 

You can quickly build your pizza and place and track your order. They have options for toppings and your choice of crusts. Their app also has a map with restaurants’ locations geotagged. 


Chipotles mobile app is easy to use with an uncomplicated interface. Their app allows you to place orders in advance, so you don’t have to stand in line waiting for your food to get ready. From the app, you can tell Chipotle understands the youth of today and their culture of instant gratification. 


Nando’s chicken isn’t the only thing loved by its customers. But their app comes with many features that customers highly appreciate. You can place takeaway orders on their app without calling the restaurant. The app allows you to find the nearest Nandos to your location and order to collect on your way home or to an all-night Nandos party. 

Nandos app also gives complimentary appetizers when people download their app, which leads to more downloads. Once the app is downloaded, Nando’s can send them push notifications reminding them to order around mealtimes, which very likely means their app is a fantastic source of increasing revenue.  


Shake Shack is a fantastic chicken and beef burger place. Customers love their app as they give them the option to order ahead for dine-in. So customers can order on the app and arrive at the restaurant just as their food is getting ready; this reduces their waiting time. All of us want that when we are starved for a good burger. 

They also have a repeat ordering feature, allowing customers to save their favorite meal, location, and payment information to make their re-ordering easier.

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