How to Choose a Bakery Name

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Research Before Naming Your Bakery 

To ensure the name isn’t already taken, conduct an Internet search and a business name search.

A company name search can be done through your secretary’s office or another state agency that registers businesses. 

For checking business names, several state authorities provide an internet search engine. Check with your state to see whether you can place a hold on a business name or if you’ll have to register your company to keep the name.

Brainstorm Your Options 

To come up with bakery names, have a brainstorming session with someone. Make a list of terms that come to mind when you think about bakeries and baked foods.

Determine whether your bakery is a shop,  company, boutique, or any other type of business you want to include in the name. 

Consider the name in conjunction with a proposed logo. Experiment with some of the names of your family and friends. 

Your bakery’s fundamental values and mission statement may and should play a significant influence on your bakery’s name.

Think about the types of baked goods you’ll be selling, the essential values of your bakery, your bakery’s desired attitude and mood, descriptive adjectives for your bakery, even your name or the name of someone special to you, and the location of your bakery. 

 You want to find words and phrases that describe your bakery and could be used in the name. These will form the foundation of your bakery’s name.

Consider Spelling When Choosing a Name 

The first and possibly most crucial piece of advice is choosing a simple name to spell. 

People will look for you online, and you want their search to be as quick and painless as possible. 

Have a name that people can readily search and locate to get their interest.

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