Creative Restaurant Video Marketing Ideas

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video marketing ideas

Introduce Your Chefs 

The people who create the foods that your customers like are some of your most valuable assets. 

Interviewing your chefs about their backgrounds and how they produce their recipes will assist in personalizing your brand and building a bond between you and your customers.

Inquire about their eating philosophy, likes and dislikes, and how they came to your establishment. 

You may also have them demonstrate a signature dish or provide general culinary advice.

Highlight the Journey of Your Ingredients 

Okay, this is a little more challenging, but it might be fantastic if you only use fresh, seasonal, or organic ingredients.

The quality of the ingredients in their meals is becoming increasingly important to diners, particularly millennials.

So, if you care about your ingredients, you should make a big deal about it.

Take your recording gear on a road trip to one of the local farms where you buy ingredients and document as much of the route as you can from the field to your restaurant.

Tell Your Story 

Make a video describing your food service experience for your restaurant’s website. 

Tell an honest, motivating tale about the good and terrible decisions you’ve made to get to where you are now. 

This not only gives your restaurant a more trustworthy vibe, but it may also motivate those who are just starting in their professions.

Is there a lengthy and rich history of your restaurant? Perhaps a well-known visitor has passed through your doors. 

People enjoy knowing more about their local area and bragging about eating at the same place as a star. 

Teach your audience about what makes your restaurant unique, and they’ll be far more likely to stop by.

Feature Happy Customers 

If you have locals who come to your restaurant regularly, include them in a customer highlight video to make them feel even more special. This also improves your restaurant’s trustworthiness.

Create a video of these guests talking about their favorite features of your restaurant and what keeps them coming back for more, and use them as vital ambassadors for your restaurant.

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