How Can Restaurants Take Advantage of the Voice Search Trend?

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new technology for restaurants to use in 2021

Voice search trend is a recently induced organic search engine optimization strategy through Google’s intelligent A.I. 

As part of the organic SEO technique, you should create videos of your food business/and restaurant and post them to your website with transcript enabled. Google reads those transcript logs and matches them to the video to correlate with whatever the context of the script and the footage is. 

Another alternate strategy is to create and post videos through platforms like YouTube to boost your video content ranking. In other words, through video content with a transcript, you are helping Google to shortlist your posts. Over time, on-site videos are ranked higher in Google SERPs from a long-term scalability perspective.

Where does the voice search come in? Whenever customers search on Google through voice notes, they are shown your content, preferably at the top of the results page. Post FAQs within your content to help search engines locate your posts by end users’ queries to further add to the voice activation technology.

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