Four Ways to Market Your Restaurant’s Delivery Program

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Although there are plenty of options to market your restaurant’s delivery program, some of them are stated below for your ready reference. 

Don’t forget to improvise as per your niche customer market and business’s requirement. 

  • Highlight Record Delivery Time

Optimized deliveries are one great way of adding to a delightful customer experience over time. Underneath deals or on the order checkout page, make it evident that you fulfill and deliver orders in a minimum time duration. Many restaurants claim to offer a partial or full refund since they are extra confident in fulfilling orders fast.

  • Offer Discounts and Promotions

To market your restaurant’s delivery program, don’t hesitate to offer your customers a limited-time discount. Check through the customer analytics menu to pinpoint prospects who have repeatedly ordered from you. 

Contact these customers through an integrated SMS marketing campaign in your restaurant order management portal or newsletters. Let them know that you care about their valued business and would like to offer a special discount on X number of orders the next time anything is added to the customers’ cart.

  • Seamless Ordering Process

In terms of overall user experience, make sure that the food ordering process in your restaurant app is not only fuss-free but overall quicker. Don’t tangle your customers in unnecessary options that don’t add anything extra to the business’s appeal factor. 

  • Promote Content Through Social Media

Promote your restaurant’s exclusive food delivery services if relevant to those delivery zones that most competitors cannot access easily. This is an excellent way of letting the customers know that you are going the extra mile to keep everyone satiated.

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