4 Essential Social Media KPIs Every Restaurateur Should Measure

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Although there are numerous KPIs for restaurant marketers to follow, some of them are stated below for your ready reference. Remember that some of the KPIs may not directly be applicable depending on your food ordering platform. However, feel free to improvise, depending on your customer niche sector and the business’s requirements itself. 

Access your food ordering platform’s integrated customer sales and data dashboard to use the following KPIs to your advantage. Alternatively, you can also access your restaurant’s social media page to get a detailed breakdown of different data segments relevant to marketing your food business.

  • Lead Nurturing

If you have run any paid or free social media ad campaigns, what’s the conversion rate against new leads you have managed to reach out to? 

How many of those prospects were you able to nurture into paying customers?

  • Content Engagement Rate

For social media marketers, content engagement is vital to long-term business success. Each post on different social media platforms offers a detailed breakdown of the number of ‘Likes,’ ‘Comments,’ and the overall percentage of people you managed to engage with. 

A healthy engagement rate is indicative of your restaurant’s overall long-term performance on social media platforms. 

  • Ad Campaign Tests

Target different niche audiences through a variety of ad setups. For instance, create slightly different variants of the exact ad copy and display them to other age groups, demographics, and vice versa. Check the overall response rate against these ads to gauge long-term success.

  • Customer Churn Rate

There’s a specific customer churn rate for each business, which indicates how many people have stopped ordering on a repeat basis. 

Keep an eye out for churn rate and try to identify its reasons. Ideally, as a food business owner, you should try to keep the customer churn rate to a bare minimum by improvising and improving your services over time.

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