Do Coupons Really Drive Dining Traffic?

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coupons idea

As a matter of fact, they do. However, how you pull off your branding and scalability strategies through coupon marketing matters significantly.

When executed the right way, restaurant, or any other business marketing, coupons are a great way to give customers something to keep them coming back for.

But, here’s the tricky thing. 

Do coupons drive dining traffic or online traffic? What if you want to use coupon codes to drive online traffic to your restaurant’s website?

In the latter case, you need to mention something that creates an additional step for the customer to redeem the coupon code. As a restaurant owner, you can create discount codes and ask customers to redeem them on your restaurant’s website or your very own mobile food ordering website. Either way, it will drive traffic.

In the former case, where you are looking to drive dining traffic to your restaurant, things aren’t that challenging. Just make sure that your restaurant is well equipped to handle the barrage of customers on the big day.

If the coupon code is for a seasonal campaign, management doesn’t require as much prep up time as that limited one-time offer.

Wish you all the best.

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