Restaurant Marketing: 4 Creative Ways to Use Videos For Promoting Your Restaurant

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Time over time, video marketing has worked wonders for businesses worldwide.

In that order, food businesses are no different. Especially now, when we have social media marketing platforms on the rise, video marketing for restaurants is a great way to pivot your marketing campaigns.

Here are 4 ingenious ways to promote your restaurant through video marketing:

  • Exclusive BTS Footage

Customers reportedly love the idea of getting to know their favorite business from time to time. In that sense, it isn’t bad to share online restaurant videos to introduce your restaurant staff & key people from the management.

You could also share online videos and interviews of your chef(s); how they got inducted etc. They can talk about how they got on board, the growth journey, and the fabulous recipes they created in the kitchen for loyal customers.

  • Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are an age-old tactic that has worked over the last few years.

However, the graph has vaned a little now. People are no longer attracted to typical customer testimonial videos because many shady businesses have hired “customers” from Fiverr and other websites to post fake online video reviews.

If you seriously consider posting customer testimonials, do that with a different setting. How about getting celebrities to talk about your restaurant’s fantastic ambiance, food, and other services?

  • Recipe Videos

A great way of engendering loyalty is by creating value for food enthusiasts through recipe videos

We get it that there are secret recipes that a restaurant cannot share, but at the same time, there are countless general food recipes to share. The great thing about restaurant recipes is that they are professional; each ingredient is measured, food presentation is on point, and the taste is oh-so-awesome.

These types of videos are something that customers can always learn from. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with potential restaurant customers. People will feel connected to your food business, knowing that it’s an energetic team of people they get to learn from and interact with.

  • Menu Videos

Those slow-motion close-up shots of food while it’s being cooked is something that always tugs at customers’ hearts. Don’t forget to create a weekly dose of your awesome restaurant menu videos, where not only do you develop a bit of intrigue but also get to showcase all the incredible tastiness waiting to be gorged on.

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