Automated Kitchens: What to Know About This New Trend in 2022

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We won’t say that automation is the latest’ trend’ to hit the restaurant industry, but the last few years have been overwhelming in terms of the latest advancements in that sector.

Of course, COVID-19 had to play a massive role in this situation. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we wouldn’t have seen innovation and new technologies in the restaurant automation area. Today, the newly imagined restaurants are working through automated kitchen solutions that generate twice the output compared to human workers.

Let’s take the example of the automatic dishwasher. It works through a simple algorithm that maintains the consistency of the dishes that are being washed. Then there are automated solutions to cooking foods, like burgers on a belt and chicken fryers working through a feed input machine. Pizza making process has long been automated – way before the pandemic situation.

The point is that automated kitchens are the face of tomorrow in the food and beverage industry.

Benefits of Automated Kitchens

  • Automated Kitchens Save Time

Since we have automated solutions in the form of robots or other means, restaurateurs save time. Not only that, but automation comes with a high degree of accuracy and precision so that there’s minimal room for human error.

  • Automated Kitchens To Assist Restaurant Staff

Automated kitchens can bear most of the load for kitchen side food production. This way, on-site staff can be freed up and deployed to other vital activities, such as; catering to the customers.

Doing so will enable reputation build-up with dine-in patrons who like to get by with courteous interaction with the staff.

  • Automated Kitchens Have Higher Consistency

When it comes to robot and AI-based solutions, there are no burnouts. Machines don’t complain; they don’t require a dedicated HR department to overlook and monitor activities. In other words, automated kitchens have the tenacity to be consistent.

For instance, the robot machines responsible for cooking food can measure the exact ingredients each time to prepare those tasty meals. It is an excellent way of maintaining tastefulness and high standards. Customers will always have the same mouth-watering experience whenever they order food from you online, takeaway, or through dine-in preference.

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