Advantages of an In-House Online Ordering System for Restaurants

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An in-house online ordering system is probably the best solution to maximizing your online food sales without any hitches.

Especially if the in-house ordering platform uses a hyper-growth technology stack, you can pretty much look forward to fast order fulfillment and an overall higher number of satisfied online customers.

Here are some of the main advantages of using an in-house ordering system for restaurants in 2022.

  • Keep all the profits to yourself: 

Unlike 3rd party websites (*also known as aggregators), in-house platforms don’t have high commissions and dubious service charges against each incoming online food order towards your restaurant.

At the end of the fiscal quarter, it’s all about reaching beyond break-even, increased sales, and better sales forecast. Therefore, in-house platforms are the way to go.

  • Market your business without any strings:

Your restaurant is just part of the 3rd party eco-system, where others have won and lost big time already! At the end of the day, it’s the aggregator app that customers will remember. The most significant disadvantage of working through aggregators is the inability to use your own branded app.

With in-house service providers, you take control of your marketing and branding campaigns through a branded food ordering app + website. Customers can quickly recall your brand once they have frequented your online storefront a couple of times.

  • Own your customer data:

Depending on the in-house restaurant management portal, you will probably have full access to your customer data. This is a huge plus point because you can use the information to bank on future marketing strategies.

On the other hand, Aggregators do not share your customer data with you. It’s their policy. Why would an aggregator share customer information in exchange for creating another competitor? Food for thought.

  • Your brand image is protected:

In-house/ direct ordering platforms employ a branded app interface for their clients. If you sign up for an account with these companies, you will get a mobile food ordering app and a website with your company’s brand kit to get started.

On the other hand, customers will see your restaurant’s image and logo whenever they open your restaurant’s app. The best part is that these food ordering apps are already developed to anticipate food business owners’ requirements. Therefore, everything is set on an auto-pilot mode and requires minimum tech-savviness, to begin with.

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