5 Restaurant Loyalty Program Ideas and Incentives

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Customer retention and restaurant loyalty programs go hand-in-hand. It’s a dead giveaway for anyone, even the beginner-level restaurant marketers out there.

The problem, however, is the ability to execute those loyalty programs. At times, there is a lack of ideas on marketers’ part. In other cases, the restaurant may not have the right technology stack to incorporate the loyalty program ideas that are otherwise a great fit from a customer retention point of view.

Nonetheless, here are 5 loyalty program ideas for you to consider for a restaurant business audience:

Points-Based Rewards

Starbucks and many other companies have such systems where customers are rewarded with complimentary deals or offers. Once enough points are accumulated on a customer’s account, the system automatically gives them a freebie to keep the momentum going.

Item Based Rewards

This loyalty program caters to customers’ loyalty needs by incentivizing them to buy X number of items. Usually, these purchases are made towards a bigger item with slightly high price. These items are then offered to the customer as a reward for enrolling in the item based loyalty program. Occasionally, there is a virtual progress tracker to enable customers to monitor their purchase track.

Subscription Rewards

The concept of these rewards programs is simple – i.e., subscribe to an ongoing services package for X number of freebie items. Usually, these items have kept a mystery so that the customer is intrigued enough to keep the subscription going on for as long as possible.

Marvel’s Loot Crate program is an example of this scenario.

Promotional Rewards

Promotional rewards are part of discount campaigns, ultimately tied to a more extensive loyalty program.

Several items are offered to customers at promotional rates. These promotions are limited-time, so customers have to act impulsively to purchase stuff.

Online Rewards

Lastly, another excellent example of restaurant loyalty programs is online rewards. If you have old customers with a stellar history of online food orders, reward them.

Send them an email to appreciate their patron-ship, and offer them a reward in coupon codes, discount deals, or free meals.

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