Should I Use a Third-Party Online Ordering Platform or Create My Own?

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online ordering platform

If you really need the honest-to-god version, we recommend having your own platform through a direct online ordering portal.

Why 3rd Party Online Ordering Platforms Aren’t Game changers Anymore?

Third-party online ordering platforms are called aggregators. They facilitate your restaurant by including its name and services in the repository so that millions of customers can potentially order from your business.

These aggregators have high traffic on their mobile apps. Therefore, potential leads are always abundant. However, the real problem is the aggregator’s commission percentages applied to each incoming order from your customers. Some of these 3rd party companies have percentages up north of 40% – 44%, quickly leaving your business high and dry for a long time.

Yes, with 3rd party platforms, you have more chances of making sales and increased outreach, but the trade-off is detrimental to performance.

Join Hands With a Quick Commerce Enablement Direct Ordering Services Partner

Quick commerce enablement translates to a revolutionized concept of lightning-fast order fulfillment, with an all-time high customer satisfaction streak. Also, these platforms facilitate direct ordering, putting your restaurant’s name in front of the customers through a branded app.

The service charges are minimal, and there are no absurd commission percentages to hinder your sales performance. The next time you are considering signing up for a vendor account on a 3rd party online food ordering services website, think twice!

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