8 ways to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant

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https://familydestinationsguide.com/best-restaurants-in-danville-va/If your restaurant is located near a tourist attraction, you will get specific tourist traffic. But still, to attract tourists, especially if you are not based in a high rental tourist attraction zone, there are other ways and means.

Create a Presence on Travel Sites

Set up accounts on popular websites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Zagat, and Yelp to provide helpful information for travelers.

They often visit these sites and make their decision based on reviews and ratings. You must respond promptly to any question or query from a traveler as they are usually mobile and make quick decisions.

Form Relationships with Local Hotel Concierges

Go to nearby hotels, introduce yourself to the concierge, and invite them to visit your restaurant.  Be sure to let them know why their guests would be interested in your restaurant.  A good concierge wants to have many offerings for various guests’ different preferences so adding another option for them is a win-win.

Offer Coupons

Budget travelers and otherwise also prefer any discount deal or free coupon, which can be dropped down with your menu and location at the airport, taxi rent stands, and other tourist-related locations. You can also hand out these coupons directly on-site to tourists who would love to save some and enjoy your restaurant.

Play Up Your Local Appeal

The restaurant ambiance is very critical in dining delight for the customer. Hence, you must build your appeal based on the tourist spot and its theme. The tourist can also learn about local culture and entrees while dining at your restaurant.

Me’s Burgers and Brews in Danville, Virginia is a good example of a restaurant that plays up its local appeal. Danville is famous for its historical landmarks and beautiful rolling countryside, and that small-town charm is what you can enjoy at Me’s Burgers. It’s a family-owned joint that serves gourmet burgers and craft beer, and the overarching theme is a love for books. The ambiance is casual, homey, and comfortable — which is exactly what attracts tourists to the restaurant among the other places to eat in Danville.

Social Media Reviews and Check-Ins

Digital marketing with a solid social media presence is another crucial element for attracting tourists who do online research before actually making their trip. You prefer that you request your happy customers to give you a 5-star rating and preferably leave a good review highlighting which dishes they liked the most. This way, the tourist knows which restaurant has a certain specialty, and their risk of dining at a poor-quality place is mitigated.

Add Seasonal Flair to Your Menu

Locally sourced, regional cuisine is always a big hit for visitors because it adds to the overall cultural experience.

Try an abbreviated menu to test the waters if you are tempted to try a seasonal menu but still not convinced.  The trial results can let you know if it works for your target demographic.

Prepare Your Employees

Ensure your employees are experts on local sites, cultural events, music festivals, sporting events, etc. Tourists are likely to ask staff about what to do in the area, so you ensure your team has the correct information and recommendations to provide.

‘Near Me’ Searches

On google maps, you can search petrol pumps, hospitals, entertainment places, and restaurants in your 2km radius or more with just one click. “Restaurants near me” is the most popular “near me” search query with 6.2 million organic searches per month. By making a google business account and tagging your location for ‘near me’ inquiries, your restaurant can attract tourists visiting your area or locality near you.

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