4 Creative YouTube Marketing Strategies to Promote your Restaurant

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Great restaurants don’t just sell food; they tell a brand story and reel customers in for a lifetime. Of course, different marketing strategies work, but when it comes to tying YouTube to your scaling campaigns, here’s what makes the difference. 

  • Sneak Peek Footage

Customers love the idea of ‘getting in the know’ feeling for businesses telling their stories. Offer a bit of backstage footage to your audience through a montage of weekly videos. You don’t have to curate these videos on YouTube every day; once a week or a bi-weekly schedule works fine.

  • Invite Chefs

Invite other famous chefs in the industry, especially those known for their iconic recipes. Of course, some of these people may not be that easy to get a hold of, but try to find anyone who influences different food blogging networks. 

Talk about the food, share common interests and see how the conversation sparks between you and the guest(s). Meanwhile, the audience can look forward to watching such videos as per a schedule at your restaurant management’s discretion.

  • Share Recipes

Unless and until your restaurant doesn’t have signature recipes, you can share yours through YouTube videos. Dedicate an entirely separate channel to curating recipe videos under your restaurant’s brand name. Foodies love a bit of DIY content on the side, and nothing pleases them more than being able to recreate the same tasty dishes that they usually order from your restaurant.

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