3 Innovative Pandemic Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Need To Continue

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Although many restaurants closed during the pandemic, a colossal percentage reopened. The difference was because of the digitization of marketing strategies that helped such businesses survive and scale along the way. 

As we have already borne the worst of what the pandemic had to offer, here are three popular marketing strategies that will scale your business in days to come. 

  • Videos Through Social Media Channels

Due to the pandemic, social media platforms oversaw a massive increase in their online userbase. The lockdown ensued, and more and more people were looking for ways to spend time from within the confines of their homes.

If you haven’t done this already, go ahead and share your restaurant videos through social media channels. You can use YouTube too. The idea is to stay connected with your audience through recipe videos, DIY details on helping patrons become better chefs, and vice versa.

  • Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing works wonders for any business looking to scale these days. If you are a restaurant working through a quick commerce enablement platform, it is time to market your services through mobile phone services. 

For instance, Blink has an integrated SMS marketing solution where restaurant owners can purchase different packages to send marketing messages to their customers. The messages are unidirectional and have maximum impact when it comes to conversions.

  • Loyalty Programs

Different discount and loyalty programs took off during and after the pandemic. 

Businesses weren’t getting the usual traction, so they introduced discount programs to reel in customers. The results were terrific. If you are looking to incorporate one fail-safe marketing strategy, this is it. As long as discount offers aren’t impacting the break-even point, it’s safe to run them.

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