3 Ways to Bring Offline Customers to Your Restaurant Website & App

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Despite the overall digitization of the food industry, many companies haven’t maximized their turnover. Lack of offline marketing techniques and an extra focus on online-only scalability campaigns often lead to untapped potential that would have benefited the restaurant in question.

Here are some of the best tips to bring offline customers to your restaurant website & app.

You could alternatively call it a ‘no stones unturned’ approach since you will be going old-school.

  • Flyer Distribution Around Local Vicinity 

Despite having your website’s own online food ordering and desktop platforms, the best way to market is often a locally employed strategy. Flyers are a cheap and super effective way of creating awareness about your restaurant’s tantalizing menu.

This strategy also targets the most critical audience group, the immediate target audience surrounding the business facility.

Spread the word around, and see the ‘word of mouth marketing effect unravel.

  • Tabletop Flyers

Tabletop flyers are ideally meant for walk-in customers who, in turn, woo other potential customers in their circle.

Let’s say you have a limited-time discount offer on ‘National Pizza Day’ or ‘Independence Day’; make sure that the tabletop flyers are printed. Get enough eyeballs, and you will have plenty of food enthusiasts coming in through those front doors.

This is a great referral marketing strategy for local Food and Beverage establishments that have recently opened up or relaunched after a brief hiatus.

  • Cross-Promote Your Restaurant Through Local Businesses

Other local businesses in your vicinity can often lend support if you’d ask them for it.

Take a walk around the block and hit every facility by dropping your restaurant’s business card into the bowl. Alternatively, you can hand out stacks of restaurant flyers to other businesses for distribution to their customers.

If you are selling high-quality food with a unique selling point – and that too, at competitive rates, there’s no way for potential customers to resist that offer.

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