10 Food Delivery Statistics to Know Going into 2022

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Food delivery guy going fast

Whether it’s takeaway dining or food delivery through online applications, the business industry has surged over the last 3 years.

If we backtrack a little, the COVID-19 pandemic situation did alter the landscape for food and beverage markets, in general, but the industry was quick to recover. With 2022 on the bend already, we must agree that the restaurant and food delivery industry is indomitable.

Here are 12 food industry statistics that will likely affect real-life operability and digitized workflow processes shortly.

  1. Since August 2020, the takeout order trend has spiked by 43%. The highest jump was in August, at a staggering 37% increment over previous months’ performance, combined.
  2. GrubHub is going strong and mighty in the US as one of the most used online food ordering platforms. The company’s market share is around 37.8% across the country.
  3. The most ordered category of meats is Chicken, and it will stay that way throughout 2022 as well.
  4. The second most popular takeout and online food order items are Chinese recipes. Be sure to include them in your digital menu if you haven’t done that by now.
  5. Thanks to millennials and users from the Gen-Z group, food delivery apps owe their popularity to them. The average age group of your favorite food delivery website and application is between 18 – 25.
  6. Although the pandemic caused massive turbulence in how the food industry and hospitality businesses operated, recovery was quick and efficient. Online food orders aggregated to 185 million people in the US alone.
  7. The growth mentioned above for online food orders is expected to sustain up to 2025.
  8. Food delivery services’ overall revenue from internet-based transactions amounted to $32 Billion in 2021 (*US Only).
  9. 50% of the adults in any country prefer ordering food online on any given day. Takeout is the next best option when immediate access to homemade food isn’t available!
  10. Due to how COVID-19 has reformed business operations in the food industry, online food ordering has become part of the new normal.

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