3 Processes to Cure Your Restaurant Back Office Headaches

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food Processes to Cure

Back-office headaches are part of every industry out there. It’s not just the restaurants that have to keep up with scheduling, payroll, and other conundrums, as such activities are part of the daily business rituals.

What matters most is how you manage back-office processes for your restaurant. The most important tip that we can share with you is prioritizing tasks. Please do not put them on for the next day because stuff will keep piling up. The pressure eventually builds up to insurmountable levels by the end of the month.

Here are some handy tips to enable your restaurant business efficiency concerning back-office management.

  • Automated Scheduling Is the Way to Go

It is the year 2022 already. And with the rest of the food industry transitioning to digitized versions of work management, you should adapt to the curve too.

Online scheduling software for restaurants enables easy time management on your employees’ part. If you have a rather sizeable dine-in facility with plenty of online orders to manage on the side, use a scheduling tool to handle such processes.

Scheduling software can help set up daily employee shifts, manage tasks, and vice versa. The best-case scenario with these programs is setting up a recurring schedule in one go. This way, you don’t have to worry about building the schedule entries over and over again.

The schedule can be shared with employees at your business discretion. Go ahead and give it a go-to to see how automation can reduce your manual labor by at least 50%.

  • Automatic Payroll

Depending on your restaurant management software, an automated payroll feature might be in there. If you don’t see one, you can sign up for an add-on payroll software to integrate with your base system.

Once set up, the automated payroll generates employees’ salaries against their billable work hours. These systems keep track of each individual’s shift timings, work hours, and any extra overtime that they may have dedicated to your business.

Automated payroll software for restaurants can also be used to incentivize employees. If someone is putting in extra hours, go ahead and pat them on the shoulder, alongside a monthly bonus.

  • Inventory Management

Integrate a POS system to manage inventory without breaking a sweat.

It isn’t uncommon for busy restaurants to deal with stock running dry without prior warnings. Decades ago, inventory replenishment was done through a long paper trail. There are countless programs to keep an accurate tally of your active vs. depleted stock these days.

The next time you have some portion of your inventory nearing depletion, the program will send you a prior alert. This way, you can place a new order for those items by calling up your vendor in advance.

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