How to Reduce Wait Times in Restaurants with Line Busting

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Long wait times in a restaurant may seem like a PR officer’s daydream, but it’s quite a hassle to deal with. Dealing with all those customers isn’t an easy job for restaurants’ owners and the staff.

Meanwhile, the tables are fully occupied, resulting in an overall slow order fulfillment process. Luckily, these days, the new concept of QSR’s (*Quick Service Restaurants) merged with ‘Line Busting’ has enabled fast turnover without affecting the customer experience.

How To Reduce Wait Times with Line Busting Technique at Your Restaurant

Owing to your restaurant’s popularity, you will have plenty of weekdays where the place will be crowded. Of course, you can deploy more bussers and servers to cater to the needs of the patrons, but does it result in fast order fulfillment?

Of course, not. There’s a limit to every dine-in facility’s order processing queue. If you haven’t adopted the QSR workflow or integrated a line-busting method, your customer satisfaction rate might dip slightly.

Here are some of the best line-busting techniques for busy restaurants:

  •  Online Order Fulfillment

The year 2022 is already on the bend, ushering in a new era of digitized online food processing.

Embed an online ordering-taking process through your very own food app.

The process is simple: sign up for a vendor account at a quick commerce enablement platform where direct online order fulfillment services are available.

While doing so, beware that direct online ordering websites operate differently than aggregators. The former has low commissions, reduced monthly fees, and overall possible operability costs. On the other hand, Aggregators have extremely high commission and multiple ‘End of The Month’ charges to deal with.

  • Deploy Handheld POS Terminals

If your staff has handheld terminals, they can ‘line bust’ by taking orders from all the customers waiting in the queue. By the time the customer has arrived at the order checkout terminal in your restaurant, the order will have been fulfilled.

Many restaurants have used this technique and reportedly reduced their wait times to 7 minutes per customer!

  • Self Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a slightly advanced concept – as in, not all worldwide facilities have used them. However, Starbucks and many other popular Food and Beverage franchises have incorporated this idea.

Customers create their order at the touch screen kiosk to checkout through credit or debit card payment modes. This way, no one has to wait in a long line, despite an occasional draft of rush hours.

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