How Blink’s Cloud-Kitchen tech stack empowered a local business to 7x their online orders in 6 months

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The story behind 2030 Kitchen, a Cloud Kitchen in Pakistan, is one of empowering women. In South-Asian families, women run the kitchen, which can take up to 4-6 hours of their day leaving them with no time to focus on themselves. 

Founders Sabin Ahmad and Ahsan went on a mission to uplift South-Asian women, by providing them with reliable, healthy, and affordable food that should arrive at their doorstep in 20 minutes, with 30 options to choose from. By giving these women an extra few hours of their day to pursue their dreams, 2030 Kitchen hopes to see a society where women are not just kept in the kitchen, but living their lives to the fullest. 

The name 2030 Kitchen comes from the vision of providing 20-minute delivery, with 30 brands to choose from. Hence, 2030 Kitchen Cloud Kitchen set out on its journey by inaugurating 4 brands in July of 2021. 


With this vision, 2030 Kitchen’s main aim is to provide a variety of meals that are easy on the pocket. For this reason, they opted for a dark kitchen setup to decrease their costs and thus the prices they charge their customers. However, this proved to be a challenge from a marketing and customer acquisition perspective, as they lacked a physical restaurant that would allow them to attract customers and build a brand name for themselves. 

Moreover, when it came to providing a variety of meals under a multitude of unique brands, 2030 Kitchen found it challenging to run the first 4 brands simultaneously from an online-only ordering setup. Each brand requires due attention and creating a separate online ordering setup for each was proving to be a demanding task. 

Furthermore, since 2030 Kitchen was a nascent brand in 2021 with little to no brand value, it was tough to acquire and maintain a decent amount of not just new, but loyal customers to bring in orders. 


5 months after its conception, 2030 Kitchen joined hands with Blink in November 2021 to launch its online ordering channel. This included a 2030 Kitchen ordering website and iOS and Android mobile applications where their customers could directly place orders for pickup and delivery.


Catering to Multiple Brands

Joining Blink solved the problem of owning an online channel, but the additional value that Blink provided was the ability to run multiple brands under one roof. With Blink’s single cart functionality, customers could place orders from the 4 different 2030 Kitchen sub-brands or restaurants, and have them delivered to their location all at once, with a single delivery fee. Each sub-brand has its own category in the 2030 Kitchen website and app, allowing customers to easily browse through all varieties from one window and choose the meal that satisfies their needs. Additionally, Blink’s Geo-Fencing capabilities allowed customers to view the nearest 2030 Kitchen branch, and view menu information from that specific branch. This improved customer experience, and increased the brand’s operational efficiency.

Acquiring, Retaining & Growing Customers

Building an online ordering platform is still the easy part. But Blink’s unified ordering solution also provides an engagement module for brands like 2030 Kitchen to engage directly with their customers. Customer data is of utmost importance for brands, and Blink gives its clients full access to their data. 2030 Kitchen has been able to collect data of 10,000+ customers in a short time, giving them the opportunity to retarget customers and build a loyal customer base. This has been a successful endeavor for the brand, as they have been able to send Push Notifications to their customers from Blink’s backend portal, allowing them to promote their offers and retarget their customers. 

Another Blink feature that 2030 Kitchen has made the most use of is the e-wallet top-up feature. In one instance, the brand executed a campaign to meet its sales target by topping up their customers’ e-wallets with PKR 200, with a message that said “We miss you, here’s PKR 200 for you!” This allowed them to increase their customer loyalty, and increase their repeat purchases. 2030 Kitchen has also used Blink’s platform to carry out 15 SMS campaigns, sending 59K SMS messages to reach their customers, expanding their reach on multiple touchpoints, and increasing their orders. 

Improving Business Decision-Making

Moreover, through Blink’s platform, 2030 Kitchen has been able to keep track of its order trends, on the basis of which they have been able to allocate more manpower and budget to certain sub-brands over others to increase their sales. 

2030 Kitchen started out with 2 branches in one city, but as time progressed and their orders began to increase exponentially, they decided to scale their business, which now stands at 6 branches. They were able to determine the need to scale through the Order Heat Map Blink provides in the backend portal, which allowed them to see that they were getting orders from far-flung areas. Thus, cementing the need to expand their operations.


Since joining Blink, 2030 Kitchen has seen an exponential increase in its online orders. By putting the convenience of their customers first through the use of a world-class ordering website and mobile application, they have been able to garner a loyal customer base of 10,000+ customers

In just the last 5 months, 2030 Kitchen has accomplished 7.1x growth in online orders. 

Moreover, their overall Repeat Purchase rate according to the Blink dashboard is 17.01%, which goes to show that a significant number of their customers come back to place another order with them online. 

By having a unified ordering experience with seamless payment, logistics, and delivery integrations, 2030 Kitchen has been able to achieve a 4.47 rating from its customers. 

Blink has been able to help multi-brand cloud kitchens like 2030 Kitchen not only improve their unit economics but build relationships with their customers and drive growth.

Are you looking to launch your own multi-brand cloud kitchen, or grow your existing restaurant’s profitability? Give Blink a try, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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