Top 5 Reasons to use Blink as your choice Restaurant Online Ordering System in Qatar

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In 2022, online ordering will be a lifeline for restaurants. It would be a lie to deny the benefits of using an in-house restaurant online ordering system in bustling economies like Qatar. Well before COVID-19, foodies were already moving in droves towards online ordering. 

Today, over two years post the Pandemic hitting the global stage, most restaurants have wholeheartedly embraced online ordering, and they know it’s here to stay. 

Over these two odd years, restaurant owners and managers have adapted to changing circumstances. They have pivoted towards delivery, and curbside pickup adjusted their service styles and menus, practically doing everything in their power to keep their business afloat. 

There is light at the end of the dark tunnel for Qatar’s restaurant owners of all sizes. We at Blink strongly believe that restaurant owners have understood that having a restaurant online ordering system in Qatar is essential to scale their business and make it sustainable in the prevailing global situation. 

Restaurants opting for an in-house restaurant online ordering system in Qatar will see many advantages compared to those exclusively using third-party aggregator apps. The differentiators for an in-house solution versus a presence on an aggregator are too many, but for being succinct, these include; the ability to collect information on your customers, the capability to provide an individualized experience to each user, & most importantly, limited commission sharing with the platform your using. 

For context, aggregators charge anywhere in the 40% range as commission on your sales for a restaurant of any size that’s a rip-off. With restaurant online ordering systems like Blink in Qatar, you get many great features, including a branded website and app that enables the quick commerce journey for all our partner businesses. 

Advantage #1: Makes the Ordering Process Easier for Qatar based Restaurants

Traditionally, customers have to make phone calls to place orders and then wait to be prepared and delivered. The inaccuracy in orders is often as high as 50%~ as researched by QSRMagazine. These are not the best solutions for ordering from restaurants, especially people. 

The best solution is to switch to an online ordering system for restaurants in Qatar that can help make the ordering process easier for your valued customers.

Your lucky that you landed on this article because that’s precisely what Blink does. Blink has over 200 happy customers across the MENAP region, including Burger King, Burger Lab, Cheezious, Baskin n Robbins, and many more.   

Blink is a Restaurant Online Ordering System in Qatar that provides our valuable customers with branded websites and apps that make the ordering process easier for customers and streamlines restaurant operations. Additionally, when a customer makes an order online, they usually view the menu in more detail & the different add-ons your restaurant offers. Examples of restaurants on our Restaurant Ordering System have shown an exponential increase in sale value per order.

You can go through the following resource in which the General Manager of Burger Lab provides references of how Burger Lab 4x’s Revenue And Customer Growth With Blink.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Advantage #2: Complete Customer Database and Order Management Ownership


Qatar’s best Restaurant Online Ordering System should enhance customer restaurant relationships by providing an end-to-end CRM system, unlike food aggregators.

That’s precisely what Blink provides. With Blink, you own your customer data, unlike any aggregator. We offer a complete dashboard with information about new/active/canceled orders, lifetime sales details, etc. 

Blink’s online ordering system for restaurants is successful in the short and long term. Here are a couple of salient features that facilitate quick commerce implementation for restaurants in Qatar through Blink:

  • Faster deliveries turn leads into loyal customers who become advocates of the brand.
  • Seamless user experiences delight end-customers, leading to more significant sales growth.
  • Integrated systems allow greater order accuracy, fewer returned orders, and greater customer delight.

Advantage #3: Online Ordering Systems Drive More Revenue

why your grocery busimess meeds a branded app

There is a reason why people love to order online through websites or apps. Without feeling any pressure to wrap up the order, customers are more interested in going through the entire menu and items on offers. With customers having additional time deciding what to order, they are more inclined to take extra time on your menu.

That’s where a branded menu comes in. With Blink’s platform for restaurants, your business can go online within as low as seven days with branded template, logo, menu, call to action buttons, and anything else that you can think of. Blink for Restaurants is a complete plug-n-play solution, so you won’t need any coding expertise or UI/UX knowledge to set up your branded website and app. With Blink, we’ll manage all the heavy lifting, and you can manage the more tough stuff –  making $$$ through online channels!!!

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Advantage #4: With the best branded Restaurant Online Ordering System, You Have In-Depth Sales Dashboards

In any business or niche, you must have customer data. In-house online ordering is a great way to get that insight. Unlike third-party online ordering vendors, in-house restaurant ordering systems allow you to track and go through customer information order patterns for every transaction and see which branches perform better and which need improvement. You can even discover which menu item needs to be reintroduced and which can be taken off the app or website to streamline operations. 

Advantage #5: The best ordering system needs to provide marketing capabilities

By enhancing your brand’s online presence, you can boost your sales with additional new and returning customers.

Having an outstanding online presence means that you’re in front of your audience on all relevant channels and platforms and are top of find at all times. With Blink’s Platform for Restaurants, you can manage marketing campaigns for customers with Facebook in Qatar. We allow you to export all the relevant customer information that you can ship to your Facebook business manager and run retargeting campaigns so that the customers keep on coming back for more. 

Is the Pandemic hurting your business? With Blink’s Online Ordering System, you can make your restaurant crisis-proof in Qatar!

A large population is online for hours every day. By implementing an online ordering system in Qatar coupled with effective marketing strategies, you’ll not only meet your customers where they are, but you’ll also stand out as an innovative business. If you’re new to online ordering, a great way to start is to encourage customers to order on your site by offering loyalty programs and discounts.

Want to learn more about Online Ordering with Blink? Get in touch here and watch how quickly your restaurant will benefit from this result-driving quick commerce enablement platform!

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

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