How much does routing software cost?

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Regarding routing software, you may choose from a wide variety of services, ranging from simple, cloud-hosted packages to complex, enterprise-level solutions capable of handling any conceivable routing scenarios. Identifying the best course of action can be difficult, and making a mistake could result in unnecessary expenditures and further difficulties.

Route4Me intended to cut down on time spent plotting your journey and route scheduling. Addressing routing software will help you and your drivers save money on fuel, time planning, driving, and effort cleaning up after themselves, all while serving more clients. Fleet route planning savings from Route4Me truly pile up as your organization expands, mainly if you’ve laid the solid technological groundwork. Your business acumen will go far with a well-developed and robust route plan approach.

Here are a few best route planning apps for large and small businesses.


Google Maps

Google Maps is the company’s own web mapping application. Google Maps, which you can access via a computer or a mobile device, excels in straightforward navigation and shortening travel times.

Google Maps allows you to plan journeys via foot, vehicle, bike, or public transportation. Users can plan a route with up to nine stops and get real-time traffic information while they’re on the road.

Google Maps is one of the most trustworthy sources for turn-by-turn instructions, and it’s free and easy to use.

Find out why salespeople should or should not use the Google route planner and what other options are available.


My Route Online

Price: Starts at $29.95

Over 5 million different routes have been planned using MyRoute, making it one of the most popular tools used in the transportation industry. MyRoute is a tool that assists with the logistics of selling and delivering while traveling. It was designed specifically for delivery persons and truck drivers that require mapping software that allows them to plug in several destinations.

You can map up to 350 stops for each route, and you can optimize the routes either by time or by distance. Once you have exported a list of addresses to your preferred mobile device or GPS, you will no longer have to worry about managing many stops simultaneously. Everything may be organized in a matter of minutes using MyRoute.

MyRoute is a resource that can help truck drivers and delivery employees reduce the time they spend driving by providing accurate directions at an affordable price.

MyRoute is an excellent choice for truck drivers looking for a straightforward, all-in-one solution to meet their requirements for mapping software because it is dependable and easy to use.


Badger Maps

Price: $49/month Business, $95/month Enterprise (Free 7-day trial) 

Badger Maps is an application developed primarily for use by mobile sales teams. This helps salespeople save 20% of their time spent driving by automating their route planning and scheduling. Outside salespeople can use it because it serves as their one-stop shop for all they need.

Badger eliminates 8 hours of administrative work weekly with features like lead creation, client data analytics, and Check-ins. With the extra time you’ll have, you may follow up with more leads and increase your sales by 22 percent.



Your business’s unique requirements should guide your search for the optimal routing software.

You may accelerate the growth of your company, in addition to boosting efficiency and production, by investing in the appropriate routing software.

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