5 Best Order Management System Software In 2022

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best order management system

An order management system software refers to an automated solution in the food business industry. Usually, this solution is developed to serve either one of the following purposes:

  1. Trade between two parties – as in order management system software for businesses only.
  2. Trade between a food business and its respective customers.

Perhaps ‘trade’ isn’t the perfect term in the latter case. However, it was more of a general expression to illustrate the concept of an order management system software. For the record, we will be going through these order management software from the retail and F&B sectors to give you an idea about how these programs operate. 

The industry is spiraling with different kinds of tools right now. Not every solution is catered to your business requirements. That’s why you need to carefully evaluate the program, preferably through a trial version. After that, given that the said order management system software fulfills your business needs, you can go for the paid plan or the paid version, for that matter.

An enterprise software development company can provide tailored solutions to streamline various business processes, similar to how order management system software enhances efficiency in the food business industry.

5 Best Order Management System Software To Use In 2022


1. Blink – The No. 1 Order Management System Software for Food & Beverage Businesses

order management software

Blink caters to business requirements from the food and beverage industry. We wouldn’t dub it as software since the platform offers services on a SaaS model. Vendors do not have to install anything on local devices; the all-access system works anytime, anywhere.

Blink offers a direct order management solution to food business owners, such as restaurants, eateries, pizzerias, and vice versa. These companies access a branded mobile food ordering app for the iOS & Android platforms. In addition, Blink also sets up branded restaurant websites for the said business’s online and real-life customers.

The platform enables back-end access to an order management portal where restaurant and different category food business owners can get away with several features. 

  • Dynamic dashboard with insightful food order reports, customer management data, SMS push notifications, and much more.
  • Instant access to Microsoft Power Bi report panel for reports on customer buying patterns.
  • Filter sales Month over Month, or any other customized manner.
  • Quick commerce-enabled features for fast order fulfillment
  • Multiple payment mode support for food businesses’ customers

The best part about partnering with Blink order management system software is the hassle-free payment model for food and beverage businesses. Besides the nominal subscription fee, restaurant owners can quickly look forward to boosting sales. 

These businesses are not charged on an aggregator business model. Instead, Blink customers pay commissions ranging over 2% – 2.5% of the incoming order value.

2. QuickBooks Commerce


quick commerce

Up next, we’ve got QuickBooks Commerce. The order management system software is developed for the accounting sector. 

You can manage and monitor all your accounting work on a single integrated platform. Of course, if you also happen to be a food business owner, then QuickBooks Commerce is worth a shot. The program enables easy cash flow and revenue management, among other things, through a dedicated feature suite. 

Some of the main highlights of QuickBooks Commerce are listed below:

  • The order management system software offers a wide range of flexibility when it comes to accessing different channels for increasing your brand awareness
  • Actively track your inventory levels, upcoming inventory replenishment requirements, and much more
  • Track your sales on the go. QuickBooks Commerce enables 24/7 hassle-free remote access with guaranteed cloud data backup
  • Includes multiple reporting features for valuable data insights

The only possible downside to using QuickBooks Commerce is the occasional draft of random crashes. Sometimes, this order management system software hangs in the eternal balance and takes a long time to respond to queries.

We think it’s an excellent solution for retailers, accounting firms, and food business owners.

3. Brightpearl – Best for General Order Management

brightpearl software

Moving on, Brightpearl is another reliable order management software designed for physical goods business owners. 

For instance, if you are into the shipping business where there’s a healthy frequency of products to be shipped to customers every day, Brightpearl is the appropriate solution for that. The program comes with a slew of cool features appended below:

  • You can manage all your offline orders through Brightpearl’s centralized platform
  • High priority orders that need immediate attention are singled out by default
  • Dropshipping, multi-location shipping, Amazon FBA orders can be fulfilled via Brightpearl’s integrated fulfillment options
  • Get direct insight on sales performance through a dedicated sales channel
  • Comes with designated features for handling warehouse management, inventory management, POS, and CRM requirements

As far as food businesses are concerned, although Brightpearl doesn’t really cater to the restaurant industry, it can be used as an inventory management program. Of course, other reliable solutions work much better than this order management system software in an entirely different capacity. 

We just wanted to lay out things for you if you decide to use this program as a food business owner.

4. Veeqo



Veeqo is more of a hybrid order management system software for securing business from overselling and missing orders.

In the instance of a large-scale business where there are tons of orders to be managed, fulfilled, and tracked every day, things can get out of hand. Rest assured, the entire order management process is flawless – so much so that you only need to “worry” about printing shipping labels and sending stuff to your customers. Veeqo is just the solution that you might be looking for.

Some of the best features of this program are listed below:

  • Synchronize all your order details, and fulfillment status alongside sales reports through Veeqo
  • Integrates with multiple POS systems from different industries. 
    • Can be used by restaurant owners as long as POS sales tracking and food order fulfillment is concerned
  • Create invoices and beautiful shipping labels within seconds
  • Get reports on performance, warehouse management, accounting issues, and general purchase orders through a dedicated dashboard
  • Boost your order fulfillment ratio by monitoring missed and late orders on top priority 

Veeqo is a robust order management system software, but it has a steep learning curve. Using this program may be intimidating for customers who aren’t tech-savvy. However, the abundance of features is what makes Veeqo worth it.

5. Magento


magento dashboard


Lastly, we have got Magento as one of the best order management system software in 2022. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one does it better than Magento when it comes to effortless cross channel experiences between businesses and their respective customers. 

You can fulfill orders from anywhere due to the vast range of flexibility on the platform. Magento also changes and adapts to the business’s requirements quite easily. If you are looking for a more custom solution, you can always hire a Magento development company to help you set up the platform to meet your needs.

Take a look at some of the key features below:

  • Comes with a BOPIS feature – i.e., Buy Online & Pickup In-Store system. This is similar to what F&Bs, like, Starbucks and QSRs, are offering at the moment
  • Magento integrates with a dedicated ‘Magento Marketplace’ for eCommerce business owners
  • Complicated fulfillment procedures sprawled over backorders, cancellations, and refund issues can be easily managed

Just like Veeqo, Magento also has a bit of a learning curve. Take your time to learn all the features, and then port your business over to it. However, don’t rush it. This order management system software comes with a heavy price tag. 

At The End of The Day

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the ‘best’ order management system software, regardless of whether it’s for a restaurant or retail company. 

First off, each software is ‘best’ in its own unique way. And secondly, none of the solutions are 100% perfect; they all have their setbacks for various reasons. The point is, whenever you’re looking to try any such software, make sure that you have signed up for a trial account or a free account. 

This way, you can assess your business requirements against the order management system software’s features. 

If you don’t see your favorite program on the list, feel free to mention it in the comments section below. We’ll add it in the next reiteration of this post.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

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