What is Fine Dining & list of top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai?

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Fine Dining Dubai

Customers consider ambiance and taste when opting for a fine dining experience. Fancy restaurant, the aroma of expensive food and drinks, world-class chefs, and impeccable service. Experience all of this under one roof at the top five fine dining restaurants in Dubai.

What is Fine Dining?

Fine dining establishments, often referred to as white-tablecloth restaurants, are high-end fancy restaurants with a primary focus on attention to detail, exceptional service, high-quality food, and a top-notch dining experience. The dining experience has evolved over the last few years with the ongoing digital presence of exquisite restaurants and a fancier menu. Today fine dining offers blended cuisines, a formal environment, and a focused dress code. Known for its exceptional decor and peaceful atmosphere, the experience attracts exclusive high-ends from the city.

Fine Dining in Dubai

Dubai is a known cultural hub attracting thousands of tourists daily. The city attracts food enthusiasts from all over the world with fancy fine-dining spots, street food, and multicultural cuisine. The experience is made available for locals & visitors with top-notch chefs, impeccable service, and delicious meals. If you are visiting Dubai or based in Dubai, these five places are a must-visit to experience fine dining.

While all high-end restaurants in Dubai are known for their exceptional service, they are also known for their inclusivity and expert chefs. Some restaurants are known for their menu that changes every fortnight or month to create a unique experience for customers every time they visit. The well worth amount spent in Dubai is of high value for all foodies in town to enjoy upscale meals prepared by world-class chefs.

To cater to high profile and valuable customers, they ensure quality service, great food, and a seamless experience from booking to dine-in with food quality, service, and standards.

List of Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubai

With a limited menu, fine dining offers chic and sophisticated options for customers to dine in. Dubai is the perfect place to be for fine dining. With multiple venues and great food, the city has a lot to offer to foodies in town. Dubai restaurant chefs are here worldwide and bring their taste, culture, and experience. Each restaurant has a unique experience with decor, views, culinary and food. From a range of sushi to noodles to hotpot, Asian to Thai, Chinese to Mexican, here are the top 5 fine dining restaurants in Dubai. 

The city’s restaurants are highly creative inspiring and offer world-class service at the most desirable locations. Here are the top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in the Emirate.

  • CÉ LA VI

Situated in Dubai Downtown, CÉ LA VI, the southeast Asian restaurant is already present in six locations: Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The restaurant claims to be the highest rooftops with Skybar, a Club lounge, and stunning city views.

This contemporary dining is on the 54th floor of Address Sky View and is honored with renowned guests. The restaurant offers high energy and electrifying atmosphere to its guests on weekdays, holidays, and weekends. The iconic SkyBar and Sky Lounge bring you tantalizing delights of contemporary Asian cuisines. Enjoy an unforgettable evening and experience indoor and outdoor dining with magnificent views of Downtown Dubai. Visit to experience authentic Asian food at a spectacular location in town.

The restaurant owns Jason Cohen and has appointed Howard Ko as Head Chef for Dubai restaurant. Howard has 11 years of experience and has offered unique Asian cuisine on the menu, which can be enjoyed with breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa.

The CEO and Executive Chairman Mark Bedingham says, “we are here to bring you a very innovative, modern cuisine in a spectacular location.”

CÉ LA VI was also announced as a “highly commendable bar” at the WhatsOnDubai awards in 2021. The restaurant offers a sensational multicultural experience and is the top-five pick for fine dining in Dubai. 

This month, step out of routine and try CE LA VI to experience fine dining in the heart of Dubai Downtown. Enjoy a unique experience that you can remember for a long.

  • Netsu

The Japanese Restaurant, Netsu, is a perfect place to enjoy a Japanese steakhouse at Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah. Owned by Chef Ross Shonhan, this place is known for Sushi, Sashimi, and other Japanese cuisines.

With its classic Japanese dishes, intense flavors, simple presentation, and quality ingredients, this fine dining restaurant offers you to use a straw instead of coal for authentic Warayaki grill dishes.

Famous for flames that light up walls. Their flickering Warayaki style grill is flavorful and has a solid, intense flavor—a must-visit and Instagram-worthy.

Netsu offers simple but sleek food presentations complemented by stunning interiors and a sophisticated atmosphere. Their famous Korean fried chicken is a must-try, and their Smoked Kimchi is a portion of trusted comfort food for the first-time fine dining experience.

If you’re a resident of Dubai or visiting, then Netsu should be added to your list. With an elegant pool surrounded by bamboo trees, the location is where you’d want to celebrate and enjoy your big moments.

They offer an exquisite experience for its visitors in Dubai, with outdoor dining on the terrace and attention to detail in presentation and food experience.

  • Nobu

Dubai does not have its own Michelin Guide but has Michelin-starred chefs and owners. Owned by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, also known as Nobu to the world and today, this global chain of Japanese restaurants holds 5 Michelin stars, 50 restaurants, and 13 hotels to his name.

Nobu’s journey started from Japan, and the chef later moved to Los Angeles to open his restaurant at Beverly Hills. Nobu became a favorite fine-dining spot for Hollywood celebrities and influencers taking the restaurant to expand its footsteps in other metropolitan cities, including Dubai. 


The innovative menu at Nobu Dubai offers guests fresh ingredients full of texture and flavor, vintage wines, and an extensive range of Japanese and Anglo-French cuisine. The guests at Nobu can enjoy a panoramic view of Dubai Marina, a sushi bar, and Japanese and South American-infused dishes. 

Enjoy signature dishes, cocktails, drinks, the essence and flavor of freshly grown herbs throughout the season. Order your favorite Japanese food with a la carte menu and try their iconic black cod miso, hottest wagyu beef tacos, and sushi. Their sushi is known as the best sushi in Dubai.

Nobu brings you Dubai’s finest brunches on Saturdays, including Sushi, Sashimi, Margarheitas, Desserts, and Origami Cocktails. Plan your next visit to Nobu Dubai, and you will be amazed by their extraordinary service.

Every Saturday, Nobu’s guests can enjoy one of Dubai’s finest brunches, including sushi, sashimi, signature hot dishes, and desserts paired with sake and cocktails.

  • Hutong

Timeout Dubai awarded hutong Dubai the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai

Launched in 2020 at DIFC, the restaurant brings you authentic and high-quality Chinese food. From their Xingjiang Lamb ribs to fiery appetizers, the restaurant has that type of food that you hear from friends and family praise.

This London-based northern Chinese cuisine sets your bar high for Chinese. Their famous humble chili is full of flavor and something you dream about. It’s hot, fiery, and appropriate, just the way Chinese food lovers like. The fine-dining restaurant is the first Chinese restaurant to get a Michelin star in Hong Kong.

Hutong Dubai

Their interior reminds you of Chinese culture and tradition, and their food is a unique experience for residents and tourists. The contemporary Chinese cuisine has both indoor and a beautiful outdoor terrace and a particular taste that attracts guests in other parts of the world, London, New York, Miami, and Hong Kong. Try out their meals, and the flavors will speak for themselves.

Hutong has also been nominated for FACT Dining Awards 2022 in Business Lunch – Chinese Restaurant.

  • Pierchic

Pierchic is a multi-award-winning Italian restaurant with a menu inspired by scenic seaside regions of Italy. The restaurant is set on Jumeirah Al Qasr and is the best seafood restaurant in Dubai.

With a Mediterranean-style cuisine and menu inspired by the world’s ocean, the food is highly recommendable for seafood lovers, where you can enjoy your over-water dining table with your loved ones.

pierchic Dubai

Lauded as the most romantic restaurant in Dubai, Pierchic views are to die for and are the perfect Instagram moment where you can capture the beauty of the sea, the exotic luxury of dining, and flavourful food, just like a dream for seafood lovers. Their Norwegian cod and Gillardeau Oysters are a must-have to make your experience ideal. Never been to Pierchic, don’t worry. Make a reservation today for your special one.

All you need to know About Fine Dining in Dubai

Dubai offers immensely diverse fine dining food options for its locals and thousands of tourists. If you have never experienced it, don’t worry. You are not the only one. We have it sorted for you. Here’s what you need to know about fine dining in Dubai.

  • Request Reservations

Most fine dining restaurants in Dubai require you to book weeks or months in advance, especially during holidays or festive seasons. Always make prior reservations to enjoy your experience at top restaurants in Dubai. 

  • Be on Time

It’s a good habit to be on time to avoid any inconvenience. Better to leave earlier and consider traffic in Dubai. Better to reach your venue on time. A delay of 10-15minutes is acceptable and should avoid.

  • Table Manners

Once you’ve made reservations and you are all set to reach your venue, table manners will speak a lot about you. Make sure you are well versed with table etiquettes. This includes unfolding napkins, using cutlery, food consumption, among others.

  • Food Serving

Take small bites of food, and avoid burping or slurping while eating. Wait to start eating once all guests are served. Eat according to the pace of everyone at the table. Don’t eat too fast or too slow.

  • Exceptional Service

Exceptional service is what differentiates between casual and fine dining. A great server, well-educated staff on menu and food, recommendations on must-haves, and guidance on what to order are what makes fine dining unique and memorable.

  • Dinner Conversations

Maintain the decorum of the table and speak in an even tone. Keep the discussion on the lighter side and avoid any uncomfortable debates.

  • How to Tip

The staff serving you at a fine dining restaurant in Dubai is well experienced, and you can generously tip at least 15-20% of your total bill.

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