Why Local Businesses Need Google Reviews and How to Get Them

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google reviews

Google reviews are one of the first things people look at when looking for any products or services of businesses. Google reviews are a definite factor for people buying from your company or using your services. Customers believe a business with positive reviews on Google is more trustworthy than a business that can’t be found on Google or doesn’t use Google My Business.  

Google reviews are excellent for SEO purposes as the more reviews you have and the better they are, the more likely it is for your business to show higher up in local search results. 

Besides the local ranking factor, google reviews help bring you customer feedback allowing you to improve your business according to customers’ needs. When customers see you taking their reviews seriously, it enhances customer loyalty and brings in more business. 

How to Get More Google Reviews

After learning about the importance of Google reviews for businesses, it’s essential to know how to get them. 

Ask for them

That might seem like a self-evident answer, but the best way to get Google reviews is indeed by simply asking for them.

People don’t write reviews unless they are asked; one research shows that about 72% of consumers leave reviews. 

Asking for reviews doesn’t take a lot of effort. This can be done in a couple of ways: 

Ask in-Person: 

The best and easiest way to ask your customers/clients for reviews is by doing it face to face. You can do this when you provide your customers superb service, making them more inclined to leave you a positive review. 

You could also give them your business card as a reminder for them to provide you with a review later on. Make sure your card has all the necessary information to leave a review for your business. 

Ask via Email: 

You can also use email to ask your customers for reviews. It can be quickly done by integrating it into your existing marketing strategy. You can send manual emails or simply use a review management tool.

Ask via Text Messages 

Just like through email, you can ask for reviews via text message. This, too, can be integrated into your existing marketing strategy. 

Ensure your customers have the required information to leave a review, so either provide them a link or explain what needs to be done in person.

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