4 Tips for Handling Negative Restaurant Reviews

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Customers are always right

While you go through your reviews, you will receive positive and negative feedback. The important thing to remember is that the repute of your business is in the hands of your customers.

Even if you know their review is false or wrong, you have to act as if they are right. While responding to a review, you need to empathize with the person, understand their point of view, and answer accordingly. 

Just remember, no matter how you respond, it has to be based on the premise that the customer is right. 

Respond timely and promptly

It is vital to respond to your reviews with an adequate reply as soon as possible. Your customers must never feel like they are being ignored or are not important to you personally. 

Making your response public will let a broader audience know that you highly regard your customer’s opinions. Your restaurant POS is notified when somebody comments on your posts or posts about you on their social media, making it easy for you to reply to your customers promptly. 

Acknowledge and apologize

If you get a bad review resulting from an error at your end, be quick to accept it and apologize. Take these reviews as guides on what to avoid in the future. 

In cases of unjust reviews when it’s not your fault, the best course of action is to be respectful in your response and devise ways of protecting the reputation of your business from these reviews.

Personalize your response 

When a problem is addressed in a review, the customer expects you to develop a  solution for the issue. You must never respond to such reviews with automatic computerized replies. 

You need to compose a personalized response to convey that you care about your customers. 

A good way of connecting with your customers is by using their names and responding with an empathizing tone that reassures them that their issue is being resolved.

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