What Jobs are Required for a Restaurant to Operate Successfully?

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A manager should open and shut the restaurant, buy food and drinks, operate the cash register, maintain inventory, educate and manage workers, interact with suppliers, establish and implement a marketing plan, and do other activities as needed.

Your ideal applicant will have already operated a restaurant in your region and be familiar with local purchasing sources, suppliers, and processes.

In addition to these obligations, the manager must represent the restaurant’s style and personality.

Executive Chefs

Focus on getting the most outstanding executive chef in town if you want to provide the best food in the city.

A good executive chef creates the foods on your menu. He, or she, can also assist you in improving your entire service and customizing the cuisine idea to your restaurant’s requirements.

The executive chef also oversees the whole culinary process, from preparation to presentation.

Serving Staff 

Hiring the proper serving crew is crucial to getting organizational operations working at optimal levels.

As servers are the ones with whom your customers will have the most contact, they must leave a positive impression for customers to return.

Servers must operate under pressure while having a cheerful and friendly mood, satisfying guests’ needs at several tables.

Hosting Staff 

The initial impression of your restaurant and service is the responsibility of the host/hostess.

The hosting staff generally welcomes your guests and directs them to their assigned table. They also present menus and answer any first queries or concerns that customers may have.

The personnel selected for this role are also in charge of answering the phone and scheduling reservations.

Kitchen Manager 

This is essentially the kitchen’s general manager. His responsibilities include recruiting and firing employees, process and optimization, inventory management, etc.

The kitchen manager should assemble a cohesive team that works together to attain a common goal: high client satisfaction.

Bus persons 

Bussers are responsible for setting up and emptying tables and filling water glasses once guests are seated.

Your bus persons, like your waitstaff, should be allocated to stations; in fact, bus persons and servers should operate together as a team.


Dishwashers ensure that your restaurant’s dishes are always clean. They are also responsible for the rubbish and kitchen cleaning.

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