Using QR Codes at Your Restaurant

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QR Code Menu 

A QR code menu is a digital version of a menu that consumers may access via their smartphone by scanning a code.

It eliminates the need for hardcopy menus at tables, making the customer experience more COVID-19 friendly.

When consumers scan the QR Code with their smartphone, the code transforms into understandable menu information on a website or app.

Customers may not only view the menu, but they can also choose what they want to buy and pay for it all on their phones, making it an entirely contactless ordering experience.

QR Codes for Digital Payments 

You may also provide guests with the option of scanning a QR Code to place orders and make payments.

With scan-to-pay technology, you can print a unique QR code on every unpaid receipt, allowing guests to pay the bill as soon as they get it.

Furthermore, the QR code facility allows for faster table turnover, a more streamlined customer experience, and less physical interaction in line with COVID-19 protocols.

Guest Engagement

A generated dynamic QR code might take you to a page where you can sign up for digital loyalty programs or email marketing lists.

You can also increase customer engagement by attaching feedback forms to QR codes.

QR Codes Special Deals 

Everyone enjoys a good deal or discount. Deals and discounts are a terrific approach for restaurant management to enhance foot traffic.

QR codes are a terrific and straightforward method to provide your consumers with bargains, discounts, and offers.

Your visitors will be able to take advantage of the discount or promotion by scanning a QR code on social media or in your restaurant.

Social Media Links 

You want to make sure that people can locate and follow your social media pages.

A QR code may be linked to your social media account, making it simple for new customers to follow you on social media.

While some customers may follow you on these accounts just to support you, you may want to consider incentivizing social media followers with special deals to get your following up.

The greater your social media following, the more people will know about your business and want to try your restaurant. Make following your pages easy to gain the best rewards.

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