Six Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Supercharge Your Social Media

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Social media feed modern-day users’ desire to stay connected with people from all over the world. 

Not only does social media offer a simple way to connect with your target market, but it should also be an integral part of your business plan and, ultimately, the success of your restaurant. 

Let’s chalk out six marketing ideas to supercharge your social media.

Go Behind the Scenes

Hygiene and cleanliness are becoming more and more important for customers when it comes to restaurant kitchens. As a result, an open kitchen concept is becoming more common. Restaurants can upload pictures and content behind the scenes, showcasing their kitchen and cooking procedures.

Moreover, they can share light and funny moments behind the scenes in their everyday routines. Sharing such candid content adds a personalized touch to your social media content and creates customer-restaurant relations, directly or indirectly building brand value. Behind the scenes, besides adding transparency, motivates employees and helps in better team building.

Use Popular Culture

The majority of the customers belong to Generation Z, who in their teenage years are more attracted towards popular culture. Restaurants can tap into this population segment by adding theme-based social media campaigns based on popular culture, i.e., a Netflix series or pop band.

These drivers and agents of popular culture add their hype and fan following to your social media and restaurant. Restaurants can introduce new packing based on popular themes, making them collectible items rather than something to be discarded. Restaurants can run limited-time offers and campaigns based on what is more popular amongst their consumer base.

Capture Customer Experience

A quick and easy way to engage with your followers is to ask them a question using a social media poll. Not only does this help you to find out what your customers like, but it also gets people thinking about your food.

With these and many other innovative ways of increasing customer engagement, Restaurants can supercharge their social media while building their brand. They can create fun experiences while dining or waiting for their food, which can be captured and shared on social media.

Use Trending Hashtags and Keywords

Restaurants can use trending hashtags with their social media posts. This way, they attract more eyeballs to their content and increase their visibility. Besides paid advertisements, using hashtags and search engine optimization tactics will give an organic boost to the restaurant’s social media account and content.

Add Seasonal Flavors

Another interesting and attractive way of supercharging restaurant social media is through adding seasonal and cultural flavors to their menu and social media posts. Certain seasons and cultural events such as Christmas and Eid are celebrated globally. Adding seasonal entrée to your menu gives customers a profound taste of that particular event, which is to be shared among the masses.

Incentivize Contests and Polls

Restaurants can encourage customers to leave comments and reviews for their restaurants. Restaurants can organize polls and contests for their customers. Their reviews and comments can be shared in marketing content, allowing them to feel valued.

Moreover, such activities will increase customer engagement. It will also give them a reason to visit your restaurant to avail of a discount you offered on a coupon or something like that.

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