Restaurant Concepts & Ideas

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cafe bistro

There are a large number of restaurant concepts for restaurant owners and foodies to choose from. New restaurateurs are faced with the tough decision of picking restaurant concepts as they embark on this journey for the first time. 

  • Fast Food Concepts: 

Fast-food chains are all about speed and convenience. Famous examples are Mcdonald’s and KFC. These restaurants typically follow a franchise model, have limited menus, and offer low prices. 

  • Fast Casual Concepts: 

Fast-casual restaurants are chains that are a bit more upscale than fast-food restaurants. They offer better presentations than fast-food eateries and are a bit pricier. Some even pride themselves on providing organic food and healthy meal options. 

  • Casual Concept or Family Dining: 

Casual dining is also called Family-Style dining, where prices are usually higher than restaurants built on the fast food and fast-casual concepts. In this restaurant concept, customers are served food on regular dinnerware with good table service.

  • Café or Bistro Concepts:

Customers order at the counter in a cafe and tend to serve themselves. Restaurants have limited menu options, as they mainly offer coffee, tea, sandwiches, and some dessert options. 

A Bistro tends to offer entire meals with separate menus for breakfast and brunch. Both are famous for their relaxed environments and outdoor dining options. 

  • Food Trucks Concepts: 

Restaurateurs have an easy time setting up food trucks as they have low overhead costs and can be easily managed with a shoestring budget. This type of restaurant concept allows restaurateurs to go where their customers are, but it doesn’t allow for many workspaces and is rapidly becoming a competitive restaurant market. 

  • Fine Dining Concepts: 

As the name suggests, fine dining offers a fantastic atmosphere, the finest foods, and premium quality service. People generally go to these places on special occasions as their prices are usually steeper compared to all the other restaurant concepts. 

  • Ghost Kitchen concepts:

Ghost kitchens are virtual restaurants, dark kitchens, or cloud kitchens. Ghost kitchens offer virtual menus to their customers and take orders online via their apps what they don’t offer a dine-in option. This is a new concept that is springing up in the delivery app market as online ordering increases worldwide.

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