Pivoting to Video: 3 Easy Video Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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Video marketing for restaurants is a big deal because videos are not just the future; they are the ‘present’ for any online operation. 

To allude to why videos are essential for restaurants these days, here are some main highlights:

  • Snapchat gets over 10 billion daily video views among Gen Z-ers from all over the world
  • 63% of people use cell phones to watch online videos
  • Videos generally have higher chances of going viral
  • 50% of internet users watch at least one online video every day!

Here are video marketing tips for restaurants 

  • Video Vlogs

These videos are easy to produce as they only require commitment and patience. Create stock video footage of your restaurants’ different operations and post them on social media channels to help the audience stay connected with the business.

  • Behind the Scenes Footage

Offer your audience exclusive insight on how your restaurant creates those tantalizing mouth-watering dishes in the kitchen. These videos are generally likable and entice customers to press the reshare button if the content is humorous and to the point.

  • Recipe Videos

Unless and until your restaurant doesn’t have signature recipes with secret ingredients, it is okay to share online recipes through video coverage. 

It also helps your audience replicate those recipes on their own and then tag your restaurant on social media pages through the ‘User Generated Content’ effect. These strategies are a surefire way of helping any restaurant scale from a long-term perspective.

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