4 Best Text Communication Practices for Restaurants

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Text messages are one of the most concise forms of marketing for any business. Restaurants aren’t any different. However, there are certain things to consider for any marketing solution based on the SMS messages paradigm before hitting that ‘Send’ button. 

Take a look below

  • Don’t Harass Your Customers.

Although customers don’t mind receiving push notifications or an occasional marketing message from their favorite restaurant, there’s a thin line between abusive marketing and white-hat marketing. 

  • Campaign Timing

Be mindful of the campaign times whenever you look to mass messaging during any ongoing marketing strategy. If you have a discount offer, a newly introduced recipe, or a loyalty program for a select number of customers, it’s better to adopt a proactive approach. 

Delaying sending messages or holding off on them until later can hurt your marketing conversions. For instance, what if some other restaurant introduced the same offer over the weekend while you were away? 

  • To The Point Conversation

Since marketing messages are one-ended, keeping them concise is better. Ensure that a call to action is there because you don’t want your customers to read an entire message and not find any working redirect link towards the campaign. Usually, texts over 20 words have the highest effect on conversions.

  • Personalized Messages Are Better

Personalization to any message from a business has a profound effect on your customers. Calling your patrons by name elicits a sense of importance and enhances the business relationship between both parties. 

This way, you can also boost conversions towards exclusive offers and subscriber opt-ins that require specific action on your SMS receivers’ part.

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