3 Reasons Why You Should Use TikTok Videos to Promote your Restaurant

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At first glance, TikTok may not “seem” like the perfect platform to promote your business. This is because of the millennials-based user base and the type of content that TikTok normally curates.

Then again, when you alienate TikTok against Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, the latter three seem like a viable option for any business looking to scale. However, here are a couple of good reasons to market your restaurant through TikTok.

  • TikTok’s Overall User Base Is Massive!

The number of people using TikTok has grown from 2.6 million to 1 billion as of 2023. The company reported a 550% percent increase in its users, which is phenomenal from a growth perspective. 

  • TikTok Users Dig Micro Videos

While long videos profoundly affect audiences watching content on YouTube and Facebook, TikTok has been known to garner the same results. The good news is that TikTok no longer has the 1 minute limit on videos. You can produce content that spans over a minute, with a sense of panache and humor on the side.

  • Elements of Surprise & Humor Are The Way Forward

The audience loves videos based on the age-old ‘hook, line, and cincher’ formula. On TikTok, there’s no single formula to make the content go viral. The only way this platform works in favor of any business is the out of box approach to creating exciting content with a high appeal factor. 

This means that you have equal and higher chances of banking on the viral buzz effect whenever you are busy creating your next restaurant video for TikTok. Take your audience backstage, or combine drool-worthy closeup shots of the fantastic food you cook at your restaurant. Making your views feel ‘in-the-know’ has been a part of marketing strategy for many businesses on TikTok, and it sure works like hell.

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