Marketing Your Restaurant Relaunch

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Maybe you are reopening your restaurant after a brief hiatus or had a run-in with a bad stretch. Regardless of the reasons, here are some great ways to market your restaurant’s relaunch. 

  • Use Social Media

Jump back on social media to make announcements about relaunching your restaurant business in full throttle. While you’re at it, make regular posts; opt-in for paid social media ads once in a while, and keep at it. You can further optimize your ads by only displaying them to an audience in a particular age group and within the local vicinity.

  • Discount Codes

Incentivize your restaurant’s relaunch by offering a limited-time discount on different online food orders. Customers love a bit of value, as it helps them enjoy the food without breaking their wallets.

  • Use Local Media To Advertise

Advertise your restaurant’s relaunch by contacting local media and newspapers. If you have been partaking in community services by donating food to the homeless shelter, you will have higher chances of scoring free earned media attention. This type of PR is excellent for spreading the word about a restaurant’s ongoing charity event and also brings in more customers through the door. 

  • Email Marketing

You may have a hefty list of customers maintained in the form of email contact. It is time to go through your email marketing list and set up newsletter campaigns to get in touch with everyone. While you are at it, make sure that the emails are being sent on a schedule so that your existing customers don’t feel overwhelmed with all the extra attention from your restaurant’s side. 


Depending on the nature of your food business, feel free to improvise and use different marketing techniques to bank on your restaurant’s relaunch. Consistency is the key to seeing long-term results for any company out there.

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