5 Item Checklist For Reopening Your Restaurant

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Whether you are reopening your restaurant after the COVID-19 lockdown or a brief foreclosure, these 5 item checklists will help you sustain the business soon.

1.Beware of Social Distancing Norms

Social distancing has become pretty much necessary due to healthcare legislation worldwide. In the wake of such events, it is recommended that you practice social distancing at your on-site restaurant location and introduce the contactless delivery option to people looking for online food orders.

2. Staff Training

Train your on-site staff to serve customers while keeping in view the new health code. Ensure that everyone maintains a safe distance, wears masks, and uses sanitized equipment to prepare food. In online food order deliveries, make sure that the staff responsible for handling and packing food wear gloves, masks, etc. 

3. Food Inspections Are A Big Deal

In the aftermath of the ‘new normal’ situation, food inspects worldwide are busy making random visits to restaurants in their local vicinity. These visits aim to ensure that the facility adheres to the health code and that no violations are being made. 

Therefore, consider such policies before reopening your restaurant for the common public. 

4. Advertise, & Advertise More Often

Since you have just reopened your food business, make sure you advertise through all available channels. The more you let people know about your business resuming its daily operations, the higher chances of getting new and repeat clients.

5. Remain Consistent 

Reopened businesses usually take a while to see customers in full traction. Therefore, don’t lose hope if you are not getting online food orders like the “old” days, or not as many people visit your restaurant. 

Consistency is the key to any long-term business success these days. 

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