Evolution of Street Food

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Streetfood has seen recent growth and resurgence in popularity, driven by consumers looking for unique and affordable food options and cafes and casual dining restaurants adding scaled street food to their menus. 

This name-brand is characterized by ease of preparation, serving, and affordability, making it a go-to for consumers from all classes and segments.

  • History of street food: 

Despite recent growth in popularity, street food has ancient and historical origins and has been mentioned in various Roman and Greek texts. In historical periods, limited spacing and availability of home kitchens even made it impossible to cook at home, and street food used to be the primary source of nutrition for many communities.

  • Cultural symbol: 

While street food originated from a need to feed the working class, it has evolved to preserve food cultures worldwide and has become a symbol of the culture and ways of living that nations want to be represented by. Most well-known street food vendors worldwide rely on their roots and culture to define their menus and recipes.

  • The resurgence of street food: 

A resurgence of street food occurred towards the end of 2009/10, as a global financial crisis hit the world and most restaurant owners and chefs found themselves out of business. As a result, metropolitan cities like London and New York saw sharp growth in the number of street food vendors, food trucks, and pop-up restaurants.

  • Social media trends and modernization of street food:

With a rise in social media and video platforms like TikTok and Facebook, food preparation videos of street vendors saw a sharp growth in popularity. A rebirth of street food took place, and as a result, more upscale restaurants and fast food chains also started adding street food items to their menus. These can include anything from messy tacos and burgers to meat and chicken rolls and quick and ready-made drinks and juices

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