Effectively Targeting and Marketing To Gen Z

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Family grocery shopping

Restaurant business owners need to know that Gen Z-ers are millennials, and they all have one thing to come. It’s the attention span. As opposed to Baby Boomers and Gen X, people from the Gen Z clusters are enticed by the fast order fulfillment process for any business and the overall customer service. 

Partner With a Direct Online Ordering Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

Quick commerce is the way forward for the services industry these days. All over the world, businesses have already realized the potential of scaling their services through quick commerce enablement platforms. By doing so, you can minimize online food order delivery times and bank on the ‘word of mouth marketing effect.

Since Gen Z is known for engaging in online activities and social media, they efficiently spread positive reviews & feedback about businesses based on quick commerce. In the end, the result is free organic marketing for your restaurant on behalf of such customers. 

Encourage them to share reviews, post hi-def shots of your restaurant food on social media reels, and use hashtags to spread the word. 

Other than that, direct ordering platforms are concerned. Their business model is much more feasible than aggregators’. The sign-up fee and the per order commissions are at an all-time low, leaving more wiggle room for you to spend your budget on self-promotion strategies and overall food business scalability campaigns from a long-term perspective.

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