Tips for Improving Your Websites Google Rankings

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There are countless tips for improving your restaurant website’s Google rankings. For reference, we will be focusing on Search Engine Optimization based tips so that you can maintain your focus on one strategy at a time.

Bear in mind that organic rankings are the result of patience and consistency. Do not expect overnight results because Google favors authority websites with a panache for producing detailed content.

Detailed Blog Posts

Also known as long-form content, these blog posts should target their user intent keywords with low-to-medium difficulty levels. You can use free SEO tools or Google’s very own Keyword Tool to shortlist many keywords and produce detailed content around it.

Post regularly on those topics, and indirectly promote your services through different blog posts. Google will pick up on many keywords and place some of the results in the top SERPs in a couple of months.

Generate Quality Backlinks Through Collabs

Reach out to different food bloggers and ask them to write a guest post or review your online restaurant food ordering services. You can offer these bloggers a backlink from your website or food discount vouchers. 

Alternatively, you can also do paid collaborations by signing up with many food enthusiasts through their paid content sponsorship program. High-value backlinks can increase the value of your relevant blog pages and help Google place your website on top of SERPs rather quickly.

Video Content with Transcript Option

Video content covering your restaurant behind the scenes footage, chef interviews, and recipes are a great way of gaining followers. However, while doing so, make sure that you post a video transcript of these videos on your website. 

Google picks up on video transcripts and creates a correlation between the actual video and the transcript to increase your potential for organic rankings.

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