6 Clever Restaurant Hacks that Save You Money

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Reconsider Your Menu Pricing Strategy 

It isn’t easy to raise prices without noticing when everything on your menu finishes in.95 or.99.

As a result, although your vendor raises prices on you regularly, you are stuck charging the same amount to your consumers. 

Switch to a random pricing model and raise the price of two or three things by a nickel or a dime monthly to avoid this. 

As a result, every item on your menu will increase in price every year without shocking your customers.

Change Your Lighting 

Switching from incandescent to LED lighting has a significant upfront expense. However, LED lights will save you a lot of money on your power cost in the long term.

You might be able to work out a bargain with your local energy or lighting provider by swapping out your energy-guzzling bulbs for cooler LEDs.

Effective Inventory Management 

In restaurants and bars, food waste is frequently the highest expense. 

While having an excess of inventory may make you feel prepared, it also increases the likelihood of food spoiling (by way of forgetting its existence, misplacing it, or theft). 

Optimize your inventory instead. Repurpose specials or leftovers into new meals by using the same components across the menu.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances 

In the long term, energy-efficient equipment may save your restaurant a lot of money.

Many states give tax credits and other incentives to restaurants that upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, so see what’s available in yours.

Alternative energy sources, such as solar electricity, may qualify for a tax credit.

Portion Control 

Portion control is a simple way for your restaurant or bar to save money. 

Every chain restaurant employs this strategy. Customers will quickly understand what to anticipate, and your costs will remain reasonable and manageable. 

As today’s consumers are concerned about eating healthy, a reduced serving size may attract new customers.

Buy in Bulk but From Fewer Vendors 

Every week, you check your pricing and order from whoever offers the best deal. While you may believe you are saving money, this may not be the case.

Vendors may use price manipulation to get your business on the things you care about while raising prices on the ones you don’t.

Consider approaching your favorite vendor and promising them a large portion of your business in exchange for a better-priced purchasing deal. This could save your restaurant as much as 7% on purchases. 

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