4 Ways to Reward Your Devoted Restaurant Staff

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Show Your Appreciation on Social Media 

Do you want to watch your employees’ faces light up? Put their name in the spotlight — and congratulate them on social media.

You can use your social media accounts to highlight employees who outperformed the rest and deserve some recognition. You could also use your platforms to give your whole team a thank you for working extra hard on a special event. 

Being recognized for good work is always rewarding. Having this recognition be public makes the gesture even more memorable and unique.

Recognition could also motivate and encourage your staff to work harder so they too can be featured on your profiles. 

Offer Bonuses 

A bonus may be a motivating element for anyone, whether a chef or a waitress.

Monitor their performance and see who is going above and beyond to provide a fantastic customer experience, and give incentives or prizes as needed.

Surprising awards tend to excite and drive employees to maintain a high level of performance.

You may also implement team bonuses by combining a back-of-house employee with a front-of-house employee. The prize is given to the team that performs the best.

Celebrate Together

Everyone enjoys getting free meals. Schedule a celebration with your team many times during the year.

Treat them the same way you’d treat your patrons. This allows them to get to know one another outside of the workplace. They can unwind and bond with one another, which is an excellent approach to strengthen your team. 

These team parties can be held at any time but aim to incorporate holiday celebrations. 

The idea is to think outside the box and make time for your teammates. Let them know how much you value their efforts by celebrating their accomplishments.

Let Employees Choose Their Shift

Almost every restaurant has areas, tables, events, or a busy shift. Crew members are often found competing for these. 

If you see that any of your employees are working exceptionally well, you may give them their preferred section or assign them to large parties with high tip potential. 

Giving your staff the option of choosing their shift on occasion will be a special reward that they will want to achieve.

When rewarding restaurant employees, a little power goes a long way.

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