4 Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Grab Attention For Restaurant Events

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Instagram on a laptop and phone

Instagram marketing has solid and promising potential for both new and old businesses. Since people love visuals more than anything, companies use that aspect of marketing to paint a near-perfect picture of the product that consumers are intrigued to buy.

Besides, over 70% of the business comes from many companies on Instagram and social media platforms. 

If you have a restaurant event right around the corner, here are four ingenious ways to get the drop on the buzz factor.

1. Use Regular Event Announcement Related Posts

Create Instagram posts around event preparations leading to the actual day. The good idea is to do a daily count-down type of post. As each day closes in on the event for your restaurant, you can bank on the intrigue factor and let people know what awaits them in the end. 

2. Form Connections To Tell Stories

Bank on user-generated content to spread the ‘word of mouth marketing effect.’ Given your restaurant’s popularity factor, many people might already be talking about the tasty delicacies you are selling. Use all that user-generated content to let people know that you are grateful for their business and that they can help out by posting stories on their Instagram wall to market the restaurant event. 

3. Use Different Visuals

Combine short video clips of your restaurant’s event preparation footage or anything raw and original with text overlay. Since most internet users are from Gen Z, they have a short attention span that can primarily be maintained through original but to-the-point content. 

4. Use Different Visual Styles

Combine high-resolution food closeup shots or something related to your restaurant event with a simple but meaningful text overlay. Give words to your restaurant’s visuals with the help of a witty copywriter or someone who knows how to market things on Instagram through simple imagery. 

When combined, each of the tactics mentioned above can help you grab your audience’s attention through Instagram stories. You can, and should, improvise while you’re doing so because marketing works best through a blend of different ideas.

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