3 Tips for Delivering an Exceptional Post-Pandemic Customer Experience

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post covid performance

Ask Your Customers Through Their Feedback 

Asking for feedback is one of the most effective methods to connect with your consumers and make them feel as if their opinion counts.

By asking your customers how their experience was and what they want from your business, you can cater to providing them with an exceptional customer experience, even post COVID-19. 

Send them an email survey, or urge servers to promote the study in person, using QR code-based surveys for take-out clients. 

Discounts or special offers are pretty helpful for enticing people to respond.

Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence 

Customers begin their search for a restaurant online, so make sure what they see reflects the experience you provide.

Invest in your website with clear menus, plenty of dining room and food images, and all the information your potential customers could be looking for. 

Blink simplifies this process for you by providing businesses with back-end access to a pre-designed branded website.

Blink’s website can help your business increase your brand’s online presence while offering your customers a simple and easy-to-navigate layout. 

Develop and maintain a social media presence as well.

Use Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to communicate with consumers and highlight your unique offerings, daily deals, and other events.

Provide Covid Friendly Options for Customers 

Customers want solutions that are digital, at-home, and low-touch. 

Digital-led experiences will continue to increase in popularity. Those businesses who move swiftly and innovate in their delivery model to assist customers to manage the pandemic safely and effectively will gain a significant competitive edge.

Customers may interact with your brand without interacting with people if you offer online delivery and payment choices. Customers will be able to follow social distance procedures due to this.

Blink provides online ordering solutions with their websites and mobile applications with in-built payment gateways to streamline online delivery for your business. 

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