General Queries

Blink is designed to meet your direct ordering and fleet management needs. However, advertising is beyond the scope of our business. You may choose to advertise through a marketing agency or in-house.

Promoting the digital touchpoints of your business to your new and existing customers is best done through:

  • Online marketing channels such as social media platforms, emails and push notifications
  • Offline-to-online marketing methods such as flyers and QR codes at points-of-sale

The Blink Merchant Portal offers the following promotion features:

  • Promo codes
  • Bulk section discounts
  • SMS campaigns
  • Free delivery at branch and zone levels

Blink Co. offers Enterprise clients design as well as system-specific reporting and integrations customizations for additional charges.

Apart from offering a platform, Blink allocates its Technical, Marketing and Customer Support teams to help generate every order. Furthermore, a nominal transactional fee is charged since no registration, technical development or operational costs are incurred using Blink’s software.

Yes, Blink is available in four languages – English, Arabic, Kurdish, and Mandarin Chinese.

Yes, Blink is enabled for multilingual use. You can choose from four languages – English, Arabic, Kurdish, and Mandarin Chinese.

The Blink Merchant Portal and the storefront both are available in Arabic along with three other language choices – English, Kurdish, and Mandarin Chinese.

If you’d like to move from Blink to your own platform, simply notify your Account Manager via email 30 days before your intended date of closure. You’ll be guided through the wrap-up process.

Partial refunds are convenient to process on Blink platforms. You can transfer the refundable amount in the form of points directly to the customer’s wallet. If the Checkout payment gateway is enabled on your system, you can also reimburse your customers with partial refunds on their debit/credit cards if their orders were paid for by the same payment method.