4 Tips to Boost Word of Mouth Marketing Buzz For F&B

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In today’s world, people have more choices, communication mediums, and access to information available at their fingertips.

Review websites allow future diners to analyze feedback from real customers, and social media platforms give people a glimpse of what to expect without setting foot into the establishment.

Digital marketing has become a central hub for F&B outlets that want to remain competitive and drive profitability. 

Listed are some tips to boost word-of-mouth marketing buzz for F&Bs.

Compile customer data

Collecting customer data is imperative when opening up communication between F&Bs and customers. Such as email addresses and contact numbers can be gathered by having users submit their info when accessing free WIFI, collecting details from feedback/suggestion forms at the time of transaction completion, or from the website when customers prefer to book in advance.

Communicate with customers

SMS texts, emails, and newsletters are some of the top-of-the-line communication channels and can be utilized to inform customers about upcoming events, discounts, offers, and promotions. We have social media platforms, which are also a great way to engage with customers. 

Adequate communication with customers helps to increase the frequency of visits and expand profits.

Listen to customers

The internet has intensified people’s voices, and word-of-mouth marketing is more powerful than ever. People talk on social media networks –Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It’s indispensable to listen to what customers are saying. After all, they are a business’s biggest influencers. 

It’s noteworthy to improve word-of-mouth conversations for those with positive experiences and sort out instances for those with negative experiences.

Be easy to find online.

If people are searching for a business online, they are aware of your presence and now want to contact you. It’s a frustrating experience for people if they cannot find you, resulting in a loss of sales and potential conversions. 

Optimize your website content with the right keywords to move higher in Google search results. Hiring SEO experts can be helpful when it comes to Google search engine ranking.

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