Three Critical Restaurant Advertising Strategies for 2022

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  • Loyalty Programs 

When done effectively, restaurant loyalty programs may increase repeat sales. Many customers are focused on accumulating points and gaining benefits or discounts.

Loyalty programs are simple to implement, include a digital component, and can be promoted across all channels.

Loyalty rewards programs aid your marketing and sales efforts since they are not limited to customers who have already visited your restaurant.

Furthermore, if your incentives are distinctive and persuasive, you can attract new potential customers.

Blink offers in-built loyalty programs with the website and mobile application templates. This in-built feature allows you to market your brand while streamlining the process for your customers. 

  • Google My Business Account

A Google My Business account may be pretty beneficial for restaurant promotion.

When someone searches for a company on Google, the business data are frequently displayed in the sidebar of Google’s Knowledge Graph.

A substantial percentage of the data for this Google feature comes from these businesses’ Google My Business accounts.

As a result, if you create a Google My Business account for your restaurant, you will be able to get more free prime search results for your restaurant.

  • Geo-Targeted, Local Advertising 

Increased local recognition may be achieved by optimizing your website, increasing organic traffic, and using paid advertising. In addition to adding hyper-local keywords, you can connect with locals on their chosen social media channels.

The location of your restaurant can determine whether it succeeds or fails. The majority of folks seek a spot to dine close to their home.

As a result, using Geo-targeted advertisements to promote your restaurant is one of the most effective restaurant marketing tactics.

Geo-targeted advertisements help you save money on marketing by reaching out to people who reside in the same area as your restaurant.

Geo-targeting is available in most digital advertising systems, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

You can get your adverts in front of your most relevant customers if you choose this restaurant advertising strategy.

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