Telling Your Restaurant’s Story so People will Listen

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Every business has its own story; its struggles, challenges, and how it reached that pinnacle of success. 

Why is it important to tell this story?

Unlike fantasy worlds with overnight success and all the glitter, real-world stories and struggles are part and parcel of success. Besides the effort and hard work, reality demands optimism and hope. Only through the right mindset and patience, you achieve your targets.

For the restaurant business, where we witness or risk more failure than success. It is essential to highlight your story.

Your Story is Your Brand

Your brand is your identity. By story, we mean the journey a business or a brand undertakes to establish itself. For restaurants striving hard in a very competitive environment, setting themselves apart from others is one of the primary factors for its customers.

Every Restaurant has its unique taste and selling proposition. In simple words, it has a brand that is established over time. Each restaurant has specific values and principles for which it strives and a fundamental core identity that it protects.

Similarly, Nando’s brand encapsulates the Portuguese spices and their traditional ways of marinating chicken. This story is now published on every Nando’s menu and is a part of its very identity.

Every Story Has a Lesson

Each restaurant starts small, and only with time, it reaches a particular volume or prestige. For example, KFC has its own story to share. The tale is part of the brand’s core values. It started from small, with one person making fried chicken that is affordable and serves the purpose of a quick quality meal. 

This story is published and presented in all KFC branches as it shows how a small venture in a small town today is a multinational brand.

Through these stories, people can relate themselves to these brands, which ultimately creates brand value and brand loyalty. These stories and brands have lessons of real-life for others. These are stories of success and struggle, challenges and opportunities – every hardship is followed by ease.  


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