Supporting Your Fellow Small Businesses

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You know how vital it is to support local creators as small business owners.

Supporting small businesses benefits local artists and your city or town’s economy. While giving back, you can find additional unusual items.

Here are some ways you can support your fellow small businesses:

  • Sourced Locally from Small Businesses: 

As a business owner, you make many transactions and acquire different materials for your products.

Try to ensure that whatever you source is from local small businesses in your community.

Whether this is the ingredients, you use in your restaurant or catering for events, ensure that you try your best to purchase from small businesses before you turn to large corporations to meet your demands.

As a restaurant, you can stock your pantry with products from a corporate vendor or source farm-fresh fruit, meats and dairy, and small-batch bakery items from local merchants.

Even if you cannot entirely rework your food procurement, you may engage with a single small business vendor for a specific item. 

  • Give a Shout Out to Small Businesses on Your Social Media Accounts:

Entrepreneurs and company managers are uniquely positioned to help other small business owners and managers succeed.

If you admire what another small business is doing, make a public statement about it on social media. This activity costs you nothing and might be highly beneficial to another company.

You never know how much organic traffic or lead conversions a single kind of article might bring to the recipient—and they may even give you a mention in return.

  • Collaborate with Other Small Businesses for Promotions or Events 

Extend your hand and reach out to develop partnerships with other small companies in your region, rather than seeing them as competitors.

These ties can lead to cross-promotional partnerships that are mutually advantageous.

A corporate collaboration may raise brand awareness and total audience reach for both parties.

You might offer them special discounts in your store or create a discounted gift basket for customers to purchase with items from both your brands.

You could also produce virtual content together or co-host an online contest with rewards from both of you on your social media channels.

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