Strategies to Encourage Restaurant Guest Feedback

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Guest Feedback

Face-to-Face Feedback 

The simplest way to encourage restaurant feedback is to ask guests. If you provide your customers with a pleasant experience, they will more likely than not be happy to give a favorable review for you. 

Make this process simpler by keeping the review simple face-to-face feedback. This approach of gathering consumer feedback entails your employees conversing directly with your customers. 

The most significant individual to chat to the visitors, create a connection with them, and measure their emotions, expectations, likes, and dislikes is your waiting staff.

Such reviews are still valuable and go a long way in helping your restaurant improve customer experience. 

Text Messages 

Being proactive and asking for reviews is intelligent to gather feedback from your well-fed customers. 

This demonstrates to visitors that their opinions matter to you and that they can help you gain more visibility, customers, and income.

Sending customers an SMS message is a terrific approach to get feedback. Maintain personalization in your communications to persuade customers to submit a review that does not need too much effort or time.

Use Physical Request Cards 

In this day and age of digital technology, a physical reminder to submit feedback may help a restaurant stand out even after customers have left the table.

Waiters can send out these reminders while returning a customer’s credit card, providing a receipt, or including them in the delivery service bag.

Like emails and SMS messages, the card’s contents should be brief and to the point. Make sure to include a few of your most popular internet listings. 

If you’re going to include a URL on the card, make sure it’s a simple address to type. Customers will be discouraged from leaving a review on any site if the string of numbers and letters is complex.

Make it Easy 

Make leaving a review for your restaurant an easy task. Include the option to do so on your website or link to your listings. 

Make sure you promote where customers can leave reviews on different platforms. For example, use your social media accounts to inform your customers to review your restaurant.

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